Perception of Training Need Analysis (TNA) Effectiveness In Malaysia Tourism Industry: A Case Study of KL Tower Management

by Shazlin Binti Hussin


This study attempts to establish the perception of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Effectiveness in Malaysia Tourism Industry: Case Study of KL Tower Management. The study was basically an explorative survey in which structured questionnaire was developed and administered. The literature of training strongly suggests that any training intervention must be preceded with the process of training needs analysis (TNA). This prerequisite step is considered important in providing departments with valuable information to help them in designing strategic training programs.

The manner in which TNA is approached is also important in determining the accuracy of its results. The sample in the study consisted of respondents from different level of management, both genders of which a high proportion comprises of those from age between 18-56 years. The study looked into many aspects of training needs commonly offered by management, selection of training and its participants, data collection methods and techniques used to perform TNA process, and also general perspectives regarding organizational TNA practices. Comparisons of TNA practices with different demographic backgrounds were also studied to see any difference in commitment towards TNA.

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