Opportunity Recognition Framework: Exploring the Technology Entrepreneurs

by Wei Lee Lim, Prof. Dr. Siri Roland Xavier

American Journal of Economics, (2015), Vol. 5(2), Pages 105-111.


Entrepreneurship plays an important role in fostering economic growth, job creation and innovation to a nation. Therefore, governments and researchers alike have concentrated their effort in pursue of increasing entrepreneurial activities within the community. Despite such efforts, entrepreneurship research is still evolving at its infancy stage. For entrepreneurship to happen, opportunity recognition must first happen.

In an effort to take better sense of the factors shaping the entrepreneurial opportunity recognition, this study aims to examine the potential effect of entrepreneurial alertness, prior knowledge and social network on opportunity recognition and ultimately reaping the rewards of superior business performance. The goal of this study is to propose a model of the opportunity recognition model. Careful examination of past literature and theories produced several research hypotheses.

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