Nitrate-Rich Red Spinach Extract Supplementation Increases Exhaled Nitric Oxide Levels And Enhances High-Intensity Exercise Tolerance In Humans

by Mohd Nurthaqif, Muhamad Noor Mohamed, Maisarah Mohd Saleh, Yusandra Md Yusoff, Noor Azila Azreen Md Radzi, Siti Aishah Abd Rahman, Saidatul Nur Syuhadah Mohamed Sabadri

International Conference on Movement, Health and Exercise : Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design. (2019), Pages 412-420


Acute and chronic administration of dietary inorganic nitrate source, such as beetroot, can promote Nitric Oxide (NO) production via the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway and improves exercise performance. However, whether NO3 rich red spinach extract (RSE) could prominently elicits similar effects remains unclear. The current study therefore evaluated the effects of chronic (15-day) NO3 rich RSE supplementation on resting blood pressure (BP) breath NO production and high-intensity exercise tolerance.

Eleven healthy males were randomly allocated in a double-blind, crossover trial design to receive 15-day of red spinach extract (RSE; 4 g·day−1 containing ~6 mmol of NO3) and placebo (maltodextrin), with a washout period of not less than 7 days separating each trial. On day 15 of supplementation, participants completed a resting fractional exhaled NO (FeNO) measurement prior to an exhaustive high intensity exercise.

The systolic BP were significantly lowered, and FeNO levels were higher (p < 0.05; p < 0.001), following RSE trial (124 ± 3 mmHg; 41 ± 14 ppb), compared to the PRE (129  ± 4; 21  ± 5 ppb) and PLA treatment (128 ± 4 mmHg; 21 ± 6 ppb), respectively. The time-to-exhaustion (TTE) in the high-intensity exercise increased during the RSE (764  ± 221 s) compared the placebo (642  ± 198 s) (p = 0.024).

These findings suggest chronic dietary NO3 supplementation from red spinach source reduces BP and demonstrated to be a practical ergogenic intervention, partly through improving nitric oxide bioavailability.

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