Managing Cytotoxic Drugs

by Amiruddin Ahmad

Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy , Vol. 1(3), (2002), Pages 63-68


Alcohol abuse affects many people directly or indirectly all over the world. Alcoholism often causes major damage and can also lead to death. It seems as though people underestimate the prevalence of alcohol abuse and the damage done by alcohol abuse. Loss of labour, birth defects, liver cirrhosis, and damage from vehicle accidents, are a small portion of the damage caused by alcohol abuse. The damage caused by alcohol abuse affects people physically, emotionally, and economically. All this damage is preventable. Treatment for this problem is available, but the effects differ among patients. Pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are used separately or collectively.

Results can very depending upon the treatment and patient. The pharmacist plays an important role in the lives of alcoholic patients. Pharmacists can notice a patient’s behaviour, notice their prescription patterns, and most importantly, the pharmacist is a knowledgeable mentor that many patients look up to. Feeling comfortable with and trusting the pharmacist is very important for the patient. Patients may come to the pharmacist with their problems, and the pharmacist should be able to offer sound medical advice.

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