Keeping Ahead Of The Game : Innovations And Challenges In E-Government In Malaysia

by Prof. Dr. Nik Rosnah Wan Abdullah, Prof. Datuk Dr. Norma Binti Mansor and Prof. Dr. Azizah Hamzah

Research Article, December 4, (2013)


This article examines the development and usage of e-government in Malaysia. The history of public administration reform in Malaysia demonstrates the government’s willingness to experiment with innovations seen as improving the efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness of public services.

Thus, e-government has been enthusiastically promoted by the Malaysian government and has spread across most government organisations at central and subnational levels. The article provides details of a range of services both within government and for society that are available in e-government modes.

However, there are challenges to the development of e-government including adherence to traditional models of service delivery, resistance to organisational culture change by officials, preference for counter services by clients and constraints on the availability of information technology training. Mobile phones are now seen as a new way to encourage citizens to use e-government on a regular basis.

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