Job Demand-Control-Support Model Relationship with Worker’s Happiness in a Manufacturing Company

by Mohd Shafrin Bin Muhamad Razali

June 2021


The psychological stress topics have close relation with every working adult. In fact, this could lead to mental health issue which is should not be taken lightly. The consequence can extend into the community until national concern. Most employers in Malaysia is aware regarding the issue, but lack of business or organization ethics could lead to the ignorance towards the topic.

However, by understanding our mental condition and the environment that we are living in could help to empower ourselves as well as the others. We could have more awareness towards the stress and mental health. Job demand, job control and job support model were widely use to access workers stress. Therefore, the objectives of the study is to determine the relation of Job demand, job control and job support with workers happiness condition at workplace.

Method: Evaluation and cross-section analysis was done through survey questionnaire which adopted from previous researcher related to the job demand, control and support incident at workplace. Total of two hundred and thirty five workers aged between 18 to 49 years old took part of the study. They are working in same electronic components manufacturing factory.

As result; Job support is having statistically significant negative correlation with the workers happiness condition, (r = -.202, p = .002). While job demand found have no significant correlation with the workers happiness (r = .78, p=.233) and job control is having positive correlation with workers happiness (r = .224, p = .001).

In conclusion, the study was able to conclude that job support have significant relation towards worker happiness condition. While positive job control correlation have reduce the affect from job demand towards workers psychological condition. The knowledge that explored in the research hopefully can be used to prevent the negative environment and enhancing existing health support system. Let’s have a mindset to ‘prevent and protect’ ourselves and others.

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