Investing in the Future: An Energy Company’s Journey towards Renewable Energy

by Logasarithan Narayanan

February 2022


This paper presents a case study which was developed based on the interview and discussion conducted on an employee of Repsol Malaysia, one of the prominent energy companies in Malaysia. The data was also backed with secondary data collected from annual reports, journal papers and news articles.

The focus of this case study was to evaluate two problems faced by Repsol Malaysia in their management team and as an organization. Repsol Malaysia are focused on generating energy as well as producing various petroleum-based products like lubricants for different applications in their downstream processes here. As a global organization, Repsol aims to expand their operations and become the premier energy company in the world, as well as exploring renewable energy and reducing carbon emission in their overall processes in line with their commitment to a greener and environmental focused

Over the years, especially due to Covid-19, the company have faced various issues. The two main issues which were highlighted in this work is their drastic loss in revenue as well as their expansion plan in Malaysia with a government which is for petroleum products as it is one of their main incomes. This case study explores the problem and provides a critical diagnosis of the problem in hand to understand its core better. With this, with the help of various analysis tools like Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) analysis, Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental, Legal (PESTEL) analysis, 5P marketing matric, internal and external evaluation, financial evaluation.

With these analyses, alternatives were formulated on how Repsol Malaysia can mitigate the problems highlighted in both long-term and short-term basis. Recommendations and implementation plans were also provided on how the top management can alleviate the problem in hand.

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