Hotel Café Business — Business Plan

by Hazlinda Abdul Kadir


3D Hotel Cafe business concept more or less is the same like a Bed and Breakfast business. Beds and Breakfast are the small business component of the hotel industry. According to Wikipedia, a Bed and Breakfast (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. However, 3D Hotel Café business will offer both accommodation and full course of meal. Since the 1980s, the meaning of the term has also extended to include accommodations that are also known as “self-catering” establishments. Typically, Bed and Breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use. 

Like all types of small businesses, many fail due to poor planning or misguided management. As more new entrepreneurs enter the market due to the decline of the economy, it is important to identify the proper components of a business plan for beds and breakfast and to outline a successful operations model. In this paper, 3D Hotel Café with a new concept of bed and breakfast business which will focus in both hotel and restaurant industries had outlined his business plan in order to avoid any failure. 

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