Growing Pains Of Jumia Marketplace: A Pan-African E-Commerce Group

by Kusimo Oluwatosin Rebecca

February 2021


This case study is based on secondary research built on articles, research papers and web analytics. Jumia Group is the pan-African online shopping business. The company’s structure is composed of the marketplace which links sellers with customers. Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec established Jumia in February, 2013. The company began to function in Nigeria and Pakistan that same year under the name Kaymu; after receiving an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Rocket Internet.

The company’s primary activities are online shopping stores and logistics services. In the past years Jumia has been growing tremendously in the industry and have created many opportunities in different regions of Africa.

This case study aims at analysing the problems faced by Jumia in its competitive industry and to provide solutions and recommendations to the problems. From the reviews in various websites, the case study shows the problems faced by Jumia, such as reputation and perception, management and leadership defects. In conclusion, it highlights the possible solutions and implementation of the solutions.

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