Factors Affecting Downsizing in Property Industry during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Study in Property Industry at Johor Bahru

by Nelfar Binti Zulkifli

February 2022


The title of my study is “Factors affecting downsizing in company during Covid-19 pandemic: A Study in Property Industry at Johor Bahru”. I chooses property industry due to; I am attached with a company that is related to property service. CBRE-WTW
Property Services Sdn Bhd provides Property Manager service.

CBRE-WTW Property Services Sdn Bhd, provides Property Manager services where we take care of the site or the property including collections for maintenance fees, repairing of defected items, maintaining the building, making sure that the licenses for the sites
such as Bomba licenses, Fire Extinguisher certificate Lift license, license, etc. The location of my study is at Johor Bahru. Johor is positioned on the southern tip of Peninsular. Johor Bahru a state in Southern Malaysia is linked to Singapore by two causeways.

First Link is at Woodland and the second link known as Tuas Second Link located at Tuas. Every weekend, both Johor people and Singaporean can drive into Johor and Singapore via Tuas or Woodlands causeway. Most of the Singaporean enjoyed the fuels, food and other services that is cheaper compare to Singapore price.

For my research, I have 49 respondents from both gender male and female employees work in the property industry. The range of ages of my respondent are ranging from 21 years of age to 25 years of age, 25 years of age to 30 years of age, and 30 years of age and above. As for the educational qualifications, I chosen ranges from Diploma, Degree, Master, PhD and above. For the level of income, I have chosen starting from less RM2000.00 of salary, RM2,000.00 to RM 3,500.00 of salary, RM3,500.00 to RM 6,500.00 of salary and lastly RM6,500.00 and above of salary.

As for the occupation of the respondents, I have chosen four ranges of occupations. First occupation is working in Government department, secondly is working in those who are working under Private Sector, next self-employed and last is others. The purpose
of my research is to identify the factors that affecting downsizing in a company during Covid-19 pandemic in the Property Industry at Johor Bahru.

There are five factors that I will discuss in my research. The first factor is the duration of the pandemic, second factor is the revenues of the company, the third factor is the travel restriction, the four factor is the company financial status and the last factor is depression among the people at Johor Bahru. The objective of my study, is to find out whether these fivefactors may impact the downsizing in Property Industry at Johor Bahru during Covid-19.

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