Examining entrepreneurial intention through cognitive approach using Malaysia GEM data

by Dr. Syed Zamberi Ahmad , Prof. Dr. Siri Roland Xavier , Dato’ Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar

Journal of Organizational Change Management, (2014), Volume 27, Issue 3 


The purpose of this paper is to explore entrepreneurial intentions among Malaysia adult population through the cognitive approach model. This paper is based on Global Entrepreneurship Monitor nation-wide survey which includes questions about entrepreneurial perceptions of the country’s population. Three kinds of perceptions are identified: individual perceptions, perceptions about entrepreneurial opportunities and socio-cultural perceptions. Their effect on intentions is tested along with some control variables.

The result of this study provides empirically rigorous evidence for understanding the entrepreneurial intention of individuals in Malaysia. This study is very relevant as it attempt to close this gap by not only providing further insights and understanding of the entrepreneurial intention, but also for the more general understanding of the economic development in developing nation.

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