Engaging Children with ADHD using Mobile Based Games

by Ibrahim Said Ahmad, Behrang Parhizkar, Selvaraj Oyyan Pillay

International Journal of Communication and Networking System,
Volume: 06 Issue: 01 June 2017, Page No.11- 15


Students with ADHD find it difficult to pay attention to one thing, stay focused, are hyperactive and face difficulty in controlling behavior. They might also not perform well in school, get along with friends or finish their assignments on time. The advent of smart mobile devices brought about new methods of learning like mobile learning.

The objective of this research is to determine whether mobile based games can be used to engage children with ADHD. The design of the mobile game was based on existing literature about how to retain the attention and engage children with ADHD. The game developed was evaluated based on the duration of time the children played the game for and their actions while playing the game.

It was concluded that that mobile – based games can help in retaining the attention of children with ADHD. This opens room for a complete new approach that can be used for teaching students with ADHD and other students with attention problems

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