Culture Centered Design: Reviews on Cultural Factors Influencing Interface Design Elements

by Noliza, Saidin, Dalbir, Singh , Zainul Akramin, Mohd Drus

Pertanika Journal of Scholarly Research Reviews, Vol. 3(1), 2017, Pages 42-54


Issues regarding misconception of the same piece of information are solicited from users with different cultural background and needs. Various efforts have been conducted to cater to such issue. However studies regarding cultivation of cultural elements in user interface design seem to be neglected. Numerous studies show that interface design preferences are related to the user’s cultural background. Furthermore, studies of user cultural needs could enhance user’s understanding and acceptance of the interface design.

Thus, the purpose of this article is to review the cultural factors influencing interface designelements. Indirectly, it exhibits the concept of culture centered design.

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