Critique Session In Art & Design Studio – A Framework For Art Education

by Asst. prof. Dr. Zuhaili Akmal Ismail

IGS Biannual Publication, (2017),12 (12). Institute of Graduate Studies, UiTM, Shah Alam.


Critique session for art students is for good ideas to emerge while simultaneously refining the feedback necessary to resolve any problems within the students’ design work. Unfortunately, students and art educators perceived this session as a daunting process due to the non-existent strategies or frameworks in creating a positive and
collaborative learning approach for both parties. Moreover, for art educators in Malaysia, there are no references for the general guideline to good practices in critique session in the documents provided by the Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) Code of Practice for Programme Accreditation (COPPA) and the Code of Practice for Institutional Audit (COPIA).

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