Content Validation of an Islamic Leadership Model for Preschool Children using the Nominal Group Technique

by Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin,Zaida Mustafa

International Journal of Management, Accounting, Governance and Education 2021, Volume 1, Issue 2


This article discusses the Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as an alternative strategy for assessing the content validity of a leadership model for preschool children. Nominal group technique, established collegial discussion among a group of participants to agree on essential leadership elements appropriate for inclusion in the model.

The strengths and limitations of the technique are discussed The findings of the study had identified a total of 34 elements of ethics and values related to leadership competencies, at the initial stage of the model development. Further group discussion resulted with only 30 elements of ethics and values suitable to be considered for the next development phase of the model.

This study establishes the appropriateness of NGT procedures to validate the content of the Islamic Leadership Model for preschool children and greater utilization of the technique is encouraged especially in research studies involving design and developmental research methodology.

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