Through Thick & Thin : A Case Study of an International School in a Global Pandemic

by Prof. Dr. Nik Rosnah Wan Abdullah, Mohd Zahrain Bin Mohd Nor and Azwan Bin Omar

NIDA Case Research Journal, (2012), Vol. 4,No. 1


Transmile Group Berhad (Transmile), an investment holding company involved in the provision of air freight, aircraft engineering and maintenance services, pride itself as being a company with stellar performances, operationally and f inancially as well as its share price. In 2007 however, the company was hit with an accounting scandal with
allegation that its revenues and prof its had been materially overstated as far back as year 2004.

The f iasco had resulted in negative consequences to both the company and its shareholders. Against this backdrop, issues of
corporate governance (or the lack of it) and business ethics were raised to the fore. Hence, this case allows for discussions to better understand the aspectsof corporate governance and business ethics involving several parties in this Transmile fiasco.

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