Case Study On “Motivation” Medical Team As Front Liners To Fight Covid-19 Disease

by Mohammad Azuwar Bin Dol Mofti and Asst. Prof. Dr. Hemaloshinee Vasudevan

CnR’s International Journal of Social & Scientific Research, India. (2020) Vol.05. Issue (IV).


From the four key factors that determine place of work behavior, motivation is one of them. This study assessed the aspect of motivation among medical front liners in the midst of this Covid-19 attack. These front liners have to work in a harsh environment and to be willing to carry out daily tasks.

Their work is, undoubtedly, methodical and centred on the following manner: they love to go by the book. Those who lack motivation would face difficulty carrying out their duties diligently.

Moreover, the work of front line personnel is inherently repetitive. They need to observe patients while strictly adhering to protocols. Thus, motivation is essential for front liners to perform their tasks tireless

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