Business Intelligence System: A Determinant Factor in Employee Efficiency Due to Covid-19 in Malaysia

by Muhamad Hariz Bin Yacob

February 2022


As the world are now in the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), it is important that every firm practice Business Intelligence System (BIS) in their operation as BIS enables them to analyze, explore and transform data from multiple data sources to improve performance.

However, in Malaysia, the adoption and practice of BIS is only above average due to various reasons. Unforeseen circumstances, COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forces Malaysian firms to adopt and use BIS vigorously as Malaysian government imposes lockdown on all activities including social and economy. Despite that, Malaysians are not fully aware of the importance of BIS as some firms have already possessed good BIS but the utilization is quite minimal, only for certain function in their job. Working culture in Malaysia that emphasize long work hours in the office and belief that working remotely and working from home is not effective and efficient together with the lack of awareness of BIS can bring to the table has caused BIS adoption rate is moderate.

Furthermore, the lack of empirical research that investigate the direct correlation BIS and performance also contributed to the scenario. This exploratory study will prove that utilization of BIS will enhance and improve employee efficiency by looking at four factors: BIS tools, employee training and development in BIS, decision making by BIS and employee engagement in BIS. A quantitative study has been done to analyze these four factors and bring out a model confirming the initial hypothesis. Three hundred random respondents from firms in higher education are expected to answer the questionnaire and prove the significant relationship between BIS and employee efficiency.

The study is able to prove that all four variables in BIS has a positive correlation with employee efficiency albeit the limitations of the pandemic situation.

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