Blockchain in Automotive Supply Chain

by Mustafa.M. Barakat, Mahadi Hasan Miraz, Mohammad Ismail Majumder, Dr. Md. Mamun Habib

Oct 14, 2021


This paper describes a summary of info flows and technology, allowing the supply chain within the automotive industry. The supply base of many motorized manufacturers is being restructured, with great consequence for the way dealers connect with their automotive partners. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is by far the most common communication technique used in automotive manufacturing, though new approaches are used as well. All these methods and how they support the information flows are explained in more detail. Companies attempt to companies are trying to find ways to recover their elasticity and responsiveness and in turn competitiveness by changing their operations plan, methods and skills that include the implementation of Supply Chain Management (SCM) paradigm. Hence, Blockchain can enhance the agility of SCM. However, blockchain’s impact on SCM is not equivalent. In this paper, we specify the areas that are blockchain effectson the automotive supply chain and evaluate it.

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