Authentic Leadership and Company Performance in Catering Industry

by Asst. Prof. Dr. Hemaloshinee A/P Vasudevan, Liang HuiNing

Journal of Positive School Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 5, 2022.


In today’s fast-changing economic environment, the organization’s survival is dependent not only on the leader’s charisma and behaviour style but also on the leader’s ability to direct the firm from a moral standpoint and pay attention to business ethics.  A company’s lack of royal leadership harms employee relations over time and contributes to a depressed and unfavourable working environment, which leads to poor performance.

In this study, quantitative methods were applied in the research process. The research strategy and techniques for data collection were to distribute a questionnaire to China’s catering business. There will be over 400 surveys distributed in total. The total number of people who took part in this survey was 384. Non-probability convenience sampling was used to disseminate the surveys.

The findings showed that authentic leadership, self-awareness, relational transparency, internalized moral perspective and balanced processing are moderate to strong positive relationships with the company performance.

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