Asean Regional Entrepreneurship Report

by Siri Roland Xavier, Samsinar Md Sidin, Ulrike Guelich, Catharina Nawangpalup



Engaging countries to engender positive policies for sustainable growth is far from simple. This regional report serves to do just that for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship policies within ASEAN. Whilst it is well acknowledged that entrepreneurial efforts can fill gaps and add value, both by inventiveness and innovation, the guidance for policy making has been limited.

In this regard the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, by providing evidence based data and global benchmarking, paves the way for creating and fine tuning existing policies. Policies that will lead to higher self-esteem, more innovation and enhance job creation for a nation’s people. In short policies that are actionable.

Startups and women entrepreneurs are focal points that today require the most attention. As much as they are both equally important, as pivots, they will require different levers taking into consideration the culture of each ASEAN nation. This report can serve to identify those levers. As such I commend all parties that have come together with much sacrifice and effort to research and write this report.

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