Asean Regional Entrepreneurship Report

by Siri Roland Xavier, Ulrike Guelich, Penny Kew, Catharina Nawangpalupi, Aida Velasco

2014/ 2015


Entrepreneurial capacity building is pivotal to the development of all types of economies. It lays the foundation for infant economies, resuscitates stagnant economies and installs a leapfrogging drive for emerging economies. As such UNIRAZAK is proud to lead this research initiative in ASEAN along with GEM and IDRC. The need for evidence based recommendations are crucial as they empower policy makers.

This first regional ASEAN entrepreneurship research study against the backdrop of global data and benchmarks will directly raise policy making standards. It will afford a deeper contextual understanding which can impact growth and inclusiveness for women, youth, SMME’s and the disadvantaged within ASEAN. These are key focal pain points for ASEAN as it faces the challenges of a new millennia. Thus this report whilst promoting an understanding of ASEAN’s entrepreneurial phenomena will also serve to unveil the vast opportunities for higher entrepreneurial growth and sustainability within the region

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