An International Comparative Study of Student’s Attitude towards Science in Four Asian Countries

by Ku Faridah Ku Ibrahim, Asst Prof. Dr. Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Assoc Prof. Dr.Zaida Mustafa, Norazura Azid , Darvinatasya Kharuddin

Journal Social Business, Vol. 1, Issue 2, 2020


A lot of research has been completed throughout the entire existence of science education to disclosure the angles that support students’ performance. Midst these impressions, science student attitude has been unfailingly contemplated.

The main objective of this study is in parcel admonished to enlighten why Singaporean and Chinese students seem to do so well in these worldwide comparison while Malaysian and Thailand students have been put at either flank of the normal imprint. The study means to look at the attitudes of 14 years of age students towards science.

The data information for this investigation was gathered in TIMSS 2015. Significant contrasts in the perspectives of the four chose associates of Singaporean, Chinese, Malaysian and Thailand students towards science have been underlined. An increasingly gritty glance at the outcomes uncovered various positive and negative contentions for approach authors and science teachers in selected countries to be considered.

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