An Exploratory Study Of Online Banking Practices In Turkey (With Particular Reference To Customers’ Perceptions)

by Mustafa N. Aldeen Mustafa


This research was conducted to find out the factors affecting the online banking in Turkey. For this purposes we identified four independent variables on which the success of the online banking in Turkey is dependent. Then four hypotheses were framed to find out the relationship between the dependent and the independent variables. Then in order to prove our hypothesis one questionnaire was designed by using the Likert scale. Then the questionnaire was designed to collect the data about the factors affecting the internet banking in Turkey.

The questionnaire was distributed to 103 carefully selected candidates. The respondents were selected in such a way that their responses should represent the whole set of the people using internet banking. Once the data was collected then the data was analyzed to find out the relationship between the independent variables. All the tests and analysis are done by using SPSS. Various statistical tools like regression and correlation were used to find out the depth of the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables.

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