A Study on Investors Behaviour over Residential Property Investment among the Millennials

by Nur Farhana binti Mohamed Kasim

February 2022


Property investments are increasing by the day. Property investment has been recognised as one of the key investments made by Malaysians. However, according to Sean and Hong (2014), there is currently a lack of research on the residential property investor in Malaysia.

The goal of this study will be to identify the primary factor influencing residential property investor’s decisions as well as to investigate additional influences influencing property investment behaviour and patterns among millennials. The factors in this study are drawn from the theory and are connected to investing decisions. Four independent variables in this research are friends/family, self-awareness, media and property investment consultant.

The study employed a descriptive research design and also an internet-based questionnaire as its approach. The purposive sampling strategy is used to distribute data for the study. The questionnaire has 25 questions on four factors and other related questions for the influence factors that are rated on a Likert scale with rating 1 for Strongly Disagree until rating 5 for Strongly Agree and 7 questions about respondent information. The research consists of a sample size 150 millennials generation.

The data was analysed using multiple regression using SPSS v.21. This study was only confined to the millennial generation; thus, future research should focus on investors who have invested in property or distinguish the investors’ preferences.

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