A Study of Forecasting Practices in Supply
Chain Management

by Abu Raihan Bhuiyan Albarune, Prof. Dr Md. Mamun Habib

Int. Journal Supply Chain Mgt. ,Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2015


This study demonstrates forecasting practices in supply chain management (SCM) at various areas, particularly Life science, Retail Chain,and FMCG. The authors depicts the scenario of forecasting practices based on secondary data and represents SCM role, demand management, collaborative coordination, etc. In addition , the study reveals the limitation and few practical solutions on forecasting to be useful in the business organization.

Consequently the authors describe recommendation and proposes a model on forecasting management model. Though this paper highlights in intensive analysis, however, it unlocks further frontiers for the prospective researchers as well as practitioners in order to apply forecasting techniques.

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