A Journey Of An Entrepreneur : Apprenticeship, Explore, Exploit And Exit Case Study Of Spritvest Sdn. Bhd.

by Mustafa Mohd Wari


Entrepreneurship is a very important component for Malaysia to achieve the developed country s. Government has established many agencies in assisting the entrepreneurs, such as SMIDEC, MDeC, MARA and other agencies. The Government also provide loans to those aspiring young entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and lately biotechnopreneurs. Even the training on marketing, management and sales networking were provided. Providing guidance is an excellent move by the Government in ensuring that the entrepreneurs are on the right track. But sometimes oo such assistance can turned out to be pampering, hence the entrepreneur turned out to be soft hearted, or it is known as “strawberry generation”. 

The objective of this case study is to expose the hardship face by Othman Bakri, an entrepreneur armed with just spirit, or I called it burning desire to weather the economic storms and emerged winner. He did it without Government’s assistance, financially or projects. This is a true spirit of an entrepreneur. 

Also this case study brought the concept of “exit to excel”, which is not popular among local entrepreneur. Value creation or exploitation is an important concept in business and entrepreneur should not ignore this It is an important component of “exit to excel”. 

Young and budding entrepreneurs can take a cue from Othman’s valuable real life experience in Entrepreneurship is a journey into the unknown. But if you are armed with proper knowledge, skills and burning desire you will reach your ultimate goal.

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