The Significant Of Leadership Role In Change Management: A Case Study Of e-Procurement Implementation In MARA

by Azrina Bt Abdul Aziz


This case study is an analysis on the importance of leadership role in change management initiative and observations of leadership styles that involved in implementation of an electronic procurement system known as SPE MARA, at MARA. This study was conducted using primary data which was attained from the Asset Management and Procurement Division (BAP) of MARA. Other means of information gathered were in the form of field interviews which was conducted with BAP Director, Suhaimi Bin Zainuddin, a senior procurement officer Ariana Muhammad and Khairul Bahrin Nordin, a representative from Commerce Dot Com Sdn. Bhd (CDC) as the service provider. Secondary data was also collected from reliable internet sources of previous research, books, journals, and magazines were also used in this study.

In 2008, MARA’s decision to automate its business processes via e-procurement is seen among others as a mean to improve transparency and service quality. Suggested by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), MARA had appointed CDC as the service provider and system developer. Suhaimi has been appointed to lead the team in implementing e-procurement system at MARA which later known as SPE MARA. SPE MARA consisted of four (4) modules which are Direct Purchase Module, Quotation Module, Tender Module and e-Bidding Module. This system was targeted to be implemented to all 128 MARA operation centers throughout Malaysia. Suhaimi was assisted by Ariana as Team Leader for Electronic Procurement.

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