Employees Work Performance and Its Relation to Work Place Surroundings Changes:
Case study on Alam Dingin Air Conditioning Engineering Sdn Bhd (HVAC Vendor for Oil and Gas Sector)

by Mohd Rizam Bin Sulaiman

February 2022


Oil and gas industry has been recently affected globally due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Many players in the industries have made a decision to make changes to their business structures. This change includes an organizational change, downsizing, re-deployment,
relocation and retrenchment. The changes will make an impact to employee’s performance on current and after the changes.

This research project purpose is to identify the impact and the influence between the employee’s performance and workplace environment due to changes made by the Alam Dingin Air Conditioning Engineering (ADAE). A qualitative study with 16 respondents has been conducted to analyze the impact on the employee’s performance due to the workplace surrounding changes. At the end of the study, it can be concluded that the workplace surroundings and changes has impacted the employee’s performance level.

In this study, the method used is most common research methods of questionnaire survey to gather information from employees in different level of job categories for the purpose of collecting and gathering data and information in accordance with research aims and objectives.

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