An Analytical Study Of The Factors Influencing High Turnover In Multinational Call Centers In Malaysia

by Tanuja Krishnan


The growth rate of the call center industry in Malaysia is tremendously encouraging. In act, Malaysia has been identified as the new Asia Pacific Call Center Hub. Malaysia’s potential to attract many global organizations to locate their call centers will create employment among locals as call center agents. However, statistics show that the turnover rates in this industry is high throughout Asia. Labour costs have also been cited at being the bulk of the call center costs. 

This study explores and examines what are the key factors contributing to high turnover in call centers. . This study is intended to help a call center to identify the factors which influence the employees’ intention to leave and find solutions from the root problem to take corrective measurements to further avoid larger group of employees leaving the company. 

A survey method was used in the research. Reliable measures were used in the study. Two hundred and fifty survey forms were distributed to two call centers in Malaysia. The results of the survey were analysed by using the SPSS programme. 

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