Reorganization And Its Strategies

by Lee Ban Choon


The case study for the “reorganization and its strategies” is aim at evaluating the company internal and external environment, existing strategies and the impact of downturn that affecting the company as whole, the evaluation included the identify, analyze and assess the issues, problem and the symptoms of the changes in ar condition due to economy downturn.

The result of evaluation is used to create strategies recommended for the company implementation, in order to withstand the impact of changing market situation. The recommended strategies were included the short and long term strategies combined with corporate goal and KPI, in order to overview and monitor the progress of the recommended strategies implementation for the period of 2010 to 2014. 

The formulation of strategies was involved a reorganization of the company structure, where the main business activity (main engine) between Maritime and Energy was merged. Reorganization is considered as strategy in this case study. The reorganization will provide additional strength to company by unleashes the potential breadth utilization of DNV’s competencies. 

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