Network Expansion Strategy: A Case Study of a Malaysian Motor Claims Management Company in India

by Dr. Shanmugam Munuswamy, Prof. Dr. Syed Omar Syed Agil, and Prof. Dr. Zukifflee Bin Mohamed

The Journol of American Academy of Business, Cambridge Vol. 19, No. 1, (2013)


Collaborative ventures have dramatically increased among organizations as one of the market expansion strategies. A number of drivers appear to be behind the business partnership predominantly the instant market access, distribution synergies, business set up cost and an effective control over a huge payroll.

However, several challenges are evident from such business relationship such as reliability, decision making constraints, and cultural diversity. This case study is related to the challenges of a software subsidiary of a listed company in East Malaysia that ventured into the Indian market to provide an integrated software end-to-end solution to the motor claims industry.

This case study, while highlighting the potential business opportunity in the motor claims industry in India, it uncovers the microscopic issues in having collaborative partnership among surveyors, repair shops, and insurers. It is expected to provide an exciting platform to academics and potential business opportunity explorers to understand the marketing dynamics along the channel partners in the motor claims industry and to evaluate potential business models for successful collaborative partnership.

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