Factors Affecting Women Leadership in Healthcare Industry: A Study in Selangor, Malaysia

by Thilagavathy A/P Ramachandran

May 2021


The research on factors affecting women leadership in healthcare industry, a study taken in Selangor, Malysia. This study is focused on female employees working in healthcare industry located at Selangor, Malaysia. It’s took total number of 85 women respondents. The fundamental elements applied in this research paper are precise information about the background of this research paper to identify the problem statement, to investigate the three research objective, three research questions, and three research hypothesis was framed. Quantitative research methods have been used in research methodology.

The data collection method is wherever possible and need at personal and structure questionnaire. The data for this study are analysed using descriptive. The data tested was dood and validity of the three hypothesis has been obtained. The pie chart produced by descriptive statistics from the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) assist the researcher in better understanding and analysing the data. The number of women at the middle and lower levels of management position is constantly increasing.

However, this research is based on the fact that, among the greatest and best-known healthcare industries, gender equality and a fair chance for women to reach for top management level is not pervasive. Work-life imbalance, gender stereotypes, and organizational culture has significant impact on female career advancement.

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