Electronics Product Promotion and SCM, Contemporary Research on Bangladesh

Mahadi Hasan Miraz, A.K. Mahbubul Hye, Md. Kashedul Wahab, Khaled Ali. M. Alkurtehe, Mohammad Ismail Majumder, Mamun Habib, Mokhtar Abdulhakim Alsabahi

Jan 31, 2020


Purpose- This study aims to identify the organisation and its operations. It also examines the status of association product promotion. In addition, this study identified essential elements deemed necessary from the viewpoint of the web recommender system (WRS). Furthermore, this research developed a website or content management system. Finally, this study inspects the impact of online product promotion and performance. Theory- In this study, we used the theory of acceptance as the underpinning theory. Methodology- In this study, we used the mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) to accomplish the research. Secondary data collected through article review. Primary data collected through questionnaire. Implication/Limitation- The web recommender system for organisation industry changed supply chain promotion and developed online product promotion. The organisation needs further improvements for the online recommender system to enhance product marketing.

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