Consumers’ Online Purchasing Intention During Pandemic and Post-Pandemic: A Comparative Study

by Shanjida Sultana, Diganta Debnath, Mamun Habib

September 2021


This paper illustrates Covid-19 pandemic impact and post-pandemic influence on purchase intention of consumers towards online shopping. 203 Bangladeshi respondents participated in the survey conducted through online for primary data to carry out a comparative study, however secondary data has also been collected. The result of this study unfolded that product price, quality, delivery or shipping service, customer service, and mental health has a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing intention during pandemic with the boom of online businesses while escalating buying intention from online for post pandemic state. Therefore, the study can be beneficial for e-commerce sectors or online businessperson to improve their service or to understand their customer’s viewpoints for customer retention and sustainability in the upcoming competitive marketplace.

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