An A-Team For A Fintech Venture?

by Kartini Bt Yusuf @ Mohd Yusuf


This case is based on primary research built on the interview with the Chief Operating Officer, Dr Azmi bin Osman the founder of BinaPavo Data Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. (BDISB). Secondary data was also sourced via desktop research, i.e. articles, reports and journals.

BDISB was incorporated on 4 January, 2016 and is a wholly owned Bumiputera company. The company’s principal activities are developing and commercializing cash flow management solution for micro and small businesses.

The ownership of this company is 100% held by the parent company, kCommerce (M) Sdn. Bhd. The board of Directors are En Majid bin Abdullah, also the Chairman of BDISB and Dr Humaira binti Majid who is also wife to Dr Azmi Osman.

BinaPavo Data Intelligence suite of software and system is designed to provide a comprehensive system to assist SMEs in solving these problems, provide advisory services to them and help lending agencies with their monitoring problems.

The focus of this case study is to investigate on how the company developed its competitive advantage based on resources which were assembled and deployed for two (2) different products between SIFAR and Imbas Pay.

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