Give and Take – Adam Grant (Book Review by Rozina Haron)

Before joining UNIRAZAK, Rozina had vast working experience in the corporate world, totalling nearly 30 years.  Upon joining the education industry. she had a culture shock, as everyone seemed to be enjoying their morning and afternoon tea breaks, besides the long lunches.

Her first post in 2011 was as a secretary in the Graduate School of Business.  There, from 2011 to 2018, she served 6 remarkable and amazing deans whilst  learning the many excellent values and knowledgeable practices shared by them.   Rozina is currently reassigned as a coordinator reporting to the Senior Director of Marketing & Sales, who coincidentally was once a dean of the Graduate School of Business. 

 Her forte is ensuring that any administrative tasks assigned to her are carried out professionally and efficiently.  She strongly believes that deriving pleasure in the job ultimately leads to perfection in one’s work.

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