Workplace Bullying and Management of Mistreated Behaviour: A Case Study in the Banking Sector

by Theva Malar Ramachanthir Pillai, Asst. Prof Dr. Hemaloshinee Vasudevan

IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management. (2020) Vol.11, No.2. Pages 15-22.


This study assessed the psychological impact on a workplace bully victim and the management of mistreated behaviour within the banking sector. It discusses how the issue of workplace bullying can be resolved and how a policy strategy can be implemented at the workplace.

A social-metric technique was used to determine and to
analyze the effect of bully behaviour episodes in the banking sector on the victim. The consequence revealed that the victim was penalized for the inability to perform the right management by the top management.

This case study contributes and explains the right steps to be implement by the top management to end the workplace bullying

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