Use of Collaborative Plan in Supply Chain Management: A Case Study on Bangladesh Readymade Garments Industry

by Yeaseen Chowdhury, Dr. Mamun Habib

Sep 6, 2021


Collaborative plan is a major function for efficient implementation of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Readymade Garments (RMG) sector. Collaboration in SCM focuses on coordination, joint planning, and process integration between suppliers, customers, and other parties involved in extended supply chain. As the customers preferences are very dynamic in nature, to cope with that there is no alternative to implement collaborative SCM in the industry. This paper aims to investigate the level of practice in collaborative planning in Bangladeshi companies. A limited comparison was made with industries from developed countries. A descriptive and correlation analyses were made to find out the level of practice. The study suggests that the level of collaborative planning in Bangladesh RMG sector SCM is not satisfactory.

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