Transforming Government: A Proposed Model for Culture
Centred Design Approach

by Noliza Saidin, Dalbir Singh and Zainul Akramin Mohd Drus

IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Volume 13, Issue 6, November 2016


The focus of the article is to introduce the potential of Culture Centered Design (CCD) approach to cater the diverse social and
cultural background of the E-Government users in Malaysia. It focuses on the cultural factors associated with user interface design for E-Government services Malaysia.

The article begins with a section that discusses on the emergence of plural society which leads to the birth of multicultural country that consists of three main ethnics groups; Malays, Chinese and Indians.

It also explains the growth of ICT industry that triggers the birth and expansion of E-Government services in Malaysia. The second section will further elaborate on the benefit of CCD approach and how to cultivate it into the Malaysian E-Government services.

Furthermore, a proposed model was developed that exhibit how cultural elements can be cultivated into the E-Government services that would improve the user’s acceptance and satisfaction which are the pivotal aims of e-Government when it was initially started.

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