The Influence of IT and Learning on Organizational Performance in Small Industries

by Mahadi Hasan Miraz, Mohammad Ismail Majumder, Dr. Md. Mamun Habib



Information Technology (IT) is seen as an important tool in knowledge management processes. However, the existence of IT neither assurances knowledge creation, knowledge supply nor knowledge usage. In addition to IT, a job environment and a culture that inspire sharing and incessant learning should also be created and maintained by management. This paper delivers empirical evidence of the relationship between IT and learning in small businesses as well as their impact on organizational performance. Additionally, the level of sector knowledge-intensity is taken into consideration. Outcomes shows that specific learning along with separate and collaborative information technologies have a positive and significant effect on organizational learning. On the other hand, unlike individual and collaborative information technologies, specific and organizational learning have exposed important and positive effects on organizational performance. Therefore, IT has an important impact on outcomes only when in a proper context of learning is in place. Small businesses in sectors with high knowledge intensity levels are more likely to use of IT.

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