Strengthening consumers’ halal buying behaviour: role of attitude, religiosity and personal norm

by Md. Kashedul Wahab Tuhin, Mahadi Hasan Miraz, Md. Mamun Habib, Md. Mahbub Alam

November 2020, Journal of Islamic Marketing


Purpose – This study aims to determine direct and indirect ways of strengthening consumer’s halal buying behaviour. For this, the researchers explore the role of religiosity and consumers’ personal norms on consumers’ attitudes and halal buying behaviour. The study also reconnoiters the mediating role of consumer attitudes.

Design/methodology/approach – With a structured questionnaire, a survey was conducted to collect data on consumer attitudes, personal norms and halal buying behaviour. Finally, 229 valid questioners were retained for data analysis. The structural equation modelling technique was used for data analysis using SmartPLS 3.0 software.

Findings – The result of this study suggests that consumers’ attitude towards halal purchase depends on consumers’ personal norms and religiosity. Further, the role of consumer attitudes and religiosity on the halal buying behaviour of consumers is significant. However, the personal norm is not a significant predictor of halal buying behaviour. Consumer attitudes mediate the relationships between personal norms and halal buying behaviour, as well as religiosity and halal buying behaviour.

Research limitations/implications – The findings of the present study indicate that consumers’ personal norms and religiosity are the important determinants of consumer attitude and behaviour towards halal purchase. Marketers of halal products and services should focus on strengthening consumers’ attitudes and religiosity to influence consumer behaviour towards halal purchase.

Originality/value – In light of recent research studies on the halal purchase, the present research finds the essential predictors of consumers’ halal purchase attitude and behaviour. The study also reveals that consumer attitude is an important role in strengthening halal buying behaviour, as it has both direct and indirect impact halal buying behaviour.

Keywords  – Halal buying behaviour, Attitude, Personal norms, Religiosity, Structural equation modelling

Paper type – Research paper

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