Snack Food Manufacturing Business Plan: “Kyrun Snek Industries Sdn. Bhd.”

by Khairunnisa binti Yahya


The snack food manufacturing company is called Kyrun Snek Industries Sdn. Bhd. to represent new idea of fruit based chips or snack for healthy conscious customers. Highlighted as business owners, we have been trying to find a golden opportunity to widen up our entrepreneurial knowledge and express our compassionate ideas to reality. The exclusive snack chip that will be the most preferred product is Choco Banana Crisp. Restricted to our official corporate statement, we guarantee to operate a manufacturing factory to produce snacks with variance of fruit-based flavours with highest quality and halal guaranteed approval besides our mission that explains as it will attract customers who really want snacks with variety tastes available in the market. It also can increase the percentage of Malays to venture into manufacturing that had been monopolized by others. With the respective and full supports from our potential stakeholders, we delighted to bring up our products to consumers especially to enhance our community living.

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