Muslim Consumers’ Perceptions of Halal Logsitics in Malaysia

by Ali Bin Khamis

February 2021


Worldwide Muslim consumers must be confident that the food they eat follows the standards of Muslim Halal. Meat and poultry must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic customs in order to make them halal. Certain meat products must also be kept separate in the supply chain in order to minimise the possibility of contamination.

The study examines information on halal goods from consumers, their views, expectations and perceptions of their knowledge and demand for a 100% halal supply chain. The work is carried out in the light of the customer’s feelings of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with the customer’s preference for halal products.

It also aims to unravel consumer expectations and perceptions with interrelated issues such as halal food demand and the halal supply chain, each influencing the other in a multi-directional manner. This study provided new insights to policy makers, business owners / consumers or practitioners whose decisions could have an impact on the logistics sector.

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