Impact Of Educators’ Emotional Intelligence And Unication Satisfaction: The Moderating Role Of Intrinsic Rewards

by Seluvarajoo Rathinasamy


This research examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication satisfaction and organisational commitment as well as the moderating role of intrinsic rewards on these relationships. It is hoped that this study will provide information to the management of the educational institutions in their effort to create and develop educators’ commitment towards their organisation.

This study was conducted using questionnaire survey by employing a sample of 424 National Secondary School educators from the Johor State. Females accounted for 71.5 percent of the respondents while males were 28.5 percent. These samples were selected using stratified random sampling procedure according to demography characteristics. Using Pearson correlation analysis, the findings revealed that organisational commitment is positively related to emotional intelligence and communication satisfaction of its stakeholders. This finding suggests that emotional intelligence competencies have stronger correlations with organisational commitment than the communication satisfaction factor.

This finding is consistent with and supports previous research. Stepwise multiple regression results showed that, three of the five emotional intelligence dimensions collectively contribute 37.1 percent ,of the variation in organisational commitment. As for communication satisfaction dimensions, t four out of eight collectively contribute 30.7 percent of the variation in organisational commitment among educators.

The results also showed that the interaction effect of emotional intelligence and intrinsic rewards was not significant and concluded that intrinsic rewards were not a significant moderator between emotional intelligence and organisational commitment. In contrast, intrinsic rewards were found to be a significant moderator between communication satisfaction and organisational commitment.

This study added to the theoretical perspective of organisational commitment among educators in National Secondary Schools. This study also developed a conceptual framework that can be tested by future researchers in behavioural research.

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