ICT-Based Business Initiatives for Women An Outline of Best Practices in E-Commerce/E-Retailing Ventures

by Mahadi Hasan Miraz, Mohammad Ismail Majumder, Dr. Md. Mamun Habib



The promotion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has changed dramatically. It is becoming a role for inclusive growth, deficiency eradication and the influence to inspire women and particularly in south Asia. ICT-based commercial enterprises, and e-commerce jobs in particular, have been hailed as “possible successes” for women’s development. Though, study and practice show that to be effective, projects must stabilize the need to overcome structural obstacles to women’s progress with compassion to the incomplete space within which many women in the Worldwide South Asia. In this article, we evaluate literature on ICT and inspiration of women, drawing upon numerous e-commerce/ e-retailing jobs as case studies to recognize a set of best performances that motivate an effective project: 1) government and institutional support, 2) social contribution, 3) training, 4) growth of market access, and 5) managerial best performances. We anticipate that the insights produced by this study will be valuable both for purposes of in effect program growth and strategy design.

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