Gadgets World 666 Sdn Bhd: “Strategic Leadership And Its Challenges In Product Promotion For Improved Business Performance”

by Rahayu Bt Abu Bakar


This case is based on primary research based on field interviews with the CEO of the company who is the founder of the company, Mohd Kamarulhelmy and his partner Siti Norlela. Secondary data from reliable Internet sources are also involved in this study. Key actors in this case are as below:

Name Relationship Managerial Position
 Mohd Kamarulhelmy bin Mohd Kamal     Founder   CEO
 Siti Norlela bt Abd Rahman   Founder/wife   Director of Finance and Human Resource  

Table 1: List of Key Actors In the case

Gadgets World 666 Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr. Kamarulhelmy bin Mohd Kamal and his wife Siti Norlela bt Abd Rahman on September 29, 2014. GWSB is a rebranding of Almy Enterprise which was once a business set up as GIATMARA incubator. Mohd Kamarulhelmy and his wife are alumni of GIATMARA Cheras, class of 2004. Through this incubator program, all GIATMARA students will be assisted and monitored until they can really succeed in the business. This is in line with MARA’s education and entrepreneurship policy to create more global-level entrepreneurs. With GIATMARA’s legacy, Mr Helmy, was awarded grants (finance and facility) to enable them to start business.

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