Factors Affecting Job Performance in a Multinational Company in Penang

by Ooi Jin Kheng

June 2021


Employees are considered the key constituents of any organization. Job performance of employees is the sole reason for the growth of any organization. If employees will work efficiently, then only an organization can achieve its target. Therefore, it is essential to provide good incentives to improve the performance of employees. Many factors will impact the job performance of the employees in the workplace. These factors include financial stress, motivation, technology advancement, work experience and workload.

A survey method was used to collect data from employees who work in a multinational company in Penang. The survey was distributed to 200 employees. Findings of the study suggest that work experience is the most important factor that positively impacts the job performance of the employees, followed by motivation, technology advancement, work load and lastly financial stress. The analyses and results support the contention that employees’ job performance is very important to any organization’s performance as employees are the main factors of production.

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