Effects Of Attentional Focus Among Novices And Elite Athletes In Sprinting Performance

by Saidatul Nur Syuhadah Mohamed Sabadri, Dr. Jeffrey Low Fook Lee, Shaza Mohd Shah, Nursyaidatul Hafiza Madzlan and Maisarah Mohd Saleh

International Conference on Movement, Health and Exercise MoHE : Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design. (2019), Pages 21-31


The main objective of this study was to investigate the effects of focus of attention among novice and elite athletes influenced the performance of short distance sprint (20 m) and maximum velocity speed (40 m). Sixty participants novice (n = 30) and elite (30) completed two trials for 20 m and 40 m sprint pre and post-test. Both novice and elite participants were randomly assigned to an internal focus group (IF), external focus group (EF) and control group (CONT).

The IF group were focusing on component of body movement whilst EF group focusing on the movement outcomes. Then CONT group with no specific instruction. The participants involved three times per week for a month. Results shows in 20 m sprint test, there was a significant difference in IF and control group (novice) and EF, IF and CONT group (elite). While for 40 m sprint test, there was a significant different for IF and control group for novice.

However, for elite athletes results shows a significant different in EF group. Overall finding indicates, adopting and external focus attention for novice and elites athletes enhance in reduction of times (second) in sprinting performance. Moreover, adopting external focus instruction resulted in shorter time (sec) among novice and elite athletes in sprinting performance.

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