Developing Innovative Technology in Building Mental Health Resilience Among Private University Students Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

by Mohd Al Mahdi Hussain & Farah Damia

International Journal of Management, Accounting, Governance and Education 2021, Volume 1, Issue 2


In this study, research is on developing innovative technology in building mental health resilience during the Covid-19 epidemic among private University students. As we know, suicidal cases, anxiety, and depression, for instance, have increased and this phenomenon has been proven very essential in the global arena.

Therefore, the research on the National Health and Morbidity was done by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in 2015 towards 30,000 respondents has shown that 4.2 million people who are 16 years old (29.2% of the population) are having a lot of mental illnesses. This research also aims to develop innovative technology such as a hybrid application for mental health awareness.

Therefore, collaborative ideas on how to develop a new module about mental health issues during this pandemic for private university students between the teachers, counselors, clergy, and spiritual practitioners should be given a priority. This research indirectly helps our private University students to cope with and come out with positive ways amid this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

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